Lagoon processes, conceptual restoration designs based on historic ecology and current constraints, as well as substantial experience in mouth management of bar built estuaries.

Adaptation Planning

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Field investigations, expert interpretation of model results and technical analyses of historic and future coastal processes. 


Evaluations and communications on the range of coastal hazards including identification of exposure, risk and potential damages to various community sectors. 

Surf. Sand. Sustainability.

Dr. Revell, principal and chief scientist at Revell Coastal, has been involved in a wide variety of contentious community stakeholder processes ranging from erosion hazard mitigation to climate change vulnerability impacts to fisheries management, water quality, and marine spatial planning. He has served as a trusted adviser to many regulatory agencies and jurisdictions on a range of topics related to ocean and coastal management especially at the intersection of how physical processes and alterations affect habitats, sensitive species, and human use.

Here are some selected presentations:

Lagoon Management

Climate Change Vulnerability

Coastal Geomorphology

Identifying feasible adaptation strategies tailored to address unique jurisdictional needs. Adaptation pathway planning helps identify when various strategies become cost effective in the future and how to develop financing strategies to prepare of the future across multiple planning horizons.

Coastal Geomorphology and Management

Revell Coastal, LLC is a coastal management firm that specializes in coastal geomorphology,  beach and dune sediment management, coastal lagoon dynamics, and climate change vulnerability and adaptation planning. 


The firm focuses on improving the use of science in coastal management decisions and provides scientific and community engagement facilitation, expert witness, technical analyses, field surveying, modeling, planning, and economic services.

We approach projects from a multi-objective perspective to balance the often competing interests to develop plans or strategies which couple project goals with sustainable thinking to identify an efficient path forward likely supported by regulatory agencies.

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