City of Monterey:

Vulnerability Assessment in Support of the Local Coastal Program Update

Completion Date: June 2017

With funding from the California Coastal Conservancy, the Coastal Commission, and the Ocean Protection Council, Revell Coastal (with subcontractor ESA) modeled projected coastal hazards exacerbated by sea level rise to the Santa Barbara County coast at a scale suitable for planning purposes. Deliverables included projected future coastal hazards, which include a new integrated approach of stepping through; time eroding the coast and flooding newly eroded areas through hydraulic connectivity. More information on results is available at Santa Barbara County Coastal Resilience through The Nature Conservancy

Consultants to conduct a Vulnerability Study and Adaptation plan in support of the LCP update. This project has included data analysis, additional adaptation modeling, integration with the economic team, and public outreach and communication. More information can be found at The City of Oxnard LPC Update

includes data analysis, additional hazard modeling to round out data gaps in the COSMOS 3.0 and Coastal Resilience hazard modeling, integrating with the economic team, and public outreach and communication. More information and the full report can be found at VC Resilient.

City of Carpinteria:

Local Coastal Program and General Plan Update

Completion Date: Anticipated April 2019

Revell Coastal, teamed with USC Sea Grant, conducted a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Study in Imperial Beach, San Diego County, CA. With funding from the

​​​Revell Coastal, working for the County of Ventura is conducting a Vulnerability and Fiscal Impact Study to support adaptation planning and LCP policy updates. This project

on Sea Level Rise. This included a vulnerability assessment, co-authored a fiscal impact section and identified and evaluated adaptation strategies to provide policy recommendations and sections of the Local Coastal Program related to coastal hazards, specifically in the open space, safety and conservation elements. More information on results is available at the City of Goleta

On-site during lagoon management activities. More information and photos coming soon.

Selected Projects

Coastal work included technical analysis, hazard modeling and mapping, and completion of the Existing Conditions and Vulnerability report. More information can be found at The City of Monterey.

Revell Coastal worked for the City of Goleta to update and draft their LCP policies to include climate change impacts consistent with the California Coastal Commission Guidance 

City of Oxnard:

Local Coastal Program Update for Sea Level Rise

Completion Date: June 2018

City of Goleta:

Incorporating Climate Change into the Local Coastal Program

Completion Date: December 2015

City of Imperial Beach:

Sea Level Study and Adaptation Planning

Completion Date: September 2016

State Coastal Conservancy, Revell Coastal led the City through a facilitated process to characterize existing and future vulnerabilities, identify potential adaptation strategies, and then help educate the local community to garner support for implementing of prioritized actions. More information and the full report can be found at The City of Imperial Beach Sea Level Rise page

Santa Barbara County Coastal Resiliency:

Phases 1 and 2

Completion Date: September 2016

Revell Coastal, working with AMEC Foster Wheeler in updating the City of Carpinteria LCP and General Plan. Specific tasks for Revell Coastal are to

​​conduct a Vulnerability Study and Fiscal Impact Study and work with the Steering Committee and City to incorporate the findings into policy and implementation language. This project has included data analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of various Coastal Hazard model outputs, and public outreach and communication. 

Surf. Sand. Sustainability.

Revell Coastal was contracted as part of a team with EMC Planning to update the City of Monterey LCP with funding from the California Coastal Commission. Revell

For a Complete List of Projects

Coastal Geomorphology and Management

Revell Coastal, working on retainer for the City of Oxnard, has been guiding Rincon

County of Ventura:

VC Resilient Coastal Adaptation Project

Completion Date: December 2018

San Lorenzo River:

Lagoon Management